Introduction of the project


Xenogenesis will release as an open world 3A game developed for two and a half years since 2020. 

We are using the unreal virtual engine to create a large virtual world. When you bring VR, it is equivalent to crossing into a new world!

An RPG game using GIS tools

Plot introduction

This game talks about a young man named Andrew Sterling, whose family was destroyed and died because of the virus invasion. After receiving his father-in-law's last words and his sister's letter, he tried to complete revenge with the help of three friends. 

Unfortunately, when he was about to find a clue, he was stabbed by his ex-girlfriend and his information was leaked to the enemy. Andrew Sterling's plan was upset, which made him angry for a long time. In the next task, Andrew Sterling tried to kept himself apathetic and rely on himslef. Although he finally recovered his relationship through some exploration and tasks, he never talk about it as before. Finally, Andrew Sterling, accompanied by his childhood, finally got revenge. However, after revenge, he did not know whether he should be happy or sad. Because the truth is …

Character introduction

Andrew Sterling32


Backward:Andrew Sterling, an American from Maple Leaf, came to Gotham with his wife and daughter at the beginning of 2019. His wife was an American named Christina Sterling, and his daughter named Louisiana Sterling, just 7 years old, was born in Gotham. His wife was the head of Gotham Hospital, his father-in-law was the mayor of Gotham, and his sister Chuxi was the president of Gotham Hospital

Have the ability to query virus mutation

Skill:  Skilled hacker

Ranking 3626-3628 among hackers in the dark network

Have the ability to query virus mutation

Augusta Charles, 32 code name: Anaconda 

Personality Calm down be violent in an emergency

Backward  surface: The interpersonal communication network is extremely strong. 

Charles    Ocasio, the eldest brother, died in the war and won first-class merit at the age of 31

dark face: the second son of Charles’s family in America

Skill:  First-class car skills, ranking sixth in the dark network hackers, gunfight, and strong  modification ability

Isabella Hill, 32 Code: rays 

Personality CunningIntelligence

Backward: surface: Veterinarian, Little Princess of Gotham Airlines, a branch of       Charles'   family in the United States, and Andrew Sterling's first teacher of hackers is also Andrew Sterling's ex-girlfriend

                dark face The Soviets State Security Committee, the head of the Firefox Mercenary Corps, the origin of the epidemic

Skill: Fight, Dark Network Hacker No. 7

Benjamin Black: 33

Personality genialdecisive 

Backward:  surface: Professor of Economics, Gotham University; 

dark face: Young child of an American transnational corporation

Skill: Top 10 Wall Street trading, single-person combat capability

Samples of our products using GIS mapping application:
These scenes will appear in our games where the story happens
A corner in the city
The best one I like !!!