In the inital prepartion step, we used GIS apps to build the landscape where the characters can explore


What is GIS tech?

It is a special and very important spatial information system, and a technical system that collects, stores, manages, calculates, analyzes, displays and describes the relevant geographical distribution data in the whole or part of the earth's surface (including the atmosphere) space with the support of computer hardware and software systems.

Combining geography and cartography, remote sensing and computer science, GIS has been widely used in different fields. It is a computer system for inputting, storing, querying, analyzing and displaying geographic data. With the development of GIS, GIS is also called "Geographic Information Science", and in recent years, GIS is also called "Geographic Information Service". GIS is a computer-based tool that can analyze and process spatial information (in short, map and analyze the phenomena and events that exist on the earth). GIS technology integrates the unique visualization effect and geographical analysis function of map with general database operations (such as query and statistical analysis).
Why using GIS?

I started to get interested ingeography since middle school and we had been joined into projects building models of specific places.

Since then I wish I could start a project with my friend and create a one-one 3-dimension model of our city.

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